Spooky speed modeling

From paper to render in a short amount of time with as little compremises as possible was my idea for this project. I wanted to bring certain feelings for the viewers while watching the render. This render i wanted to bring a eerie but still almost cute feeling by manipulating light and shadows.

- render by Sietse Nefs | blender


To make the render in a short amount of time I had to make a good concept so that when I start modeling i know excectly what to do. After having my feeling, creature and envoirement sketched I started sketching the design process before even opening my 3D program. This helped alot in the end because i could get on with modeling really quick.


When i started modeling i already had my end product in mind. So to get there I choose to run a cloth simulation for the ghost the get a more accurate but also faster ghost wich i could then just cut out some holes to give him some expression.