Party poster

I wanted to combine two of my interests 3D modeling and graphic design by making a insperational party poster. To do that i wanted to replicate party text balloons as the text of the quote that will be on the poster.

- render by Sietse Nefs | blender


After making some sketches so i know what to make i started with making the letters and testing some materials and compesitions to make the poster look as good as possible. The material I used are slight veriations on materials I made earlier in my material research alsop on this portfolio website.


After making al the components I didn't really know wich of the materials and colors I liked most so i just started work out alot of different variations so i could later decide wich ones i likes most. I ended up with a series of about 10 different images and choosing the best aspects of each one was made way easier. In the end i combined them all and made two posters a gold and a silver one that you see here. (and i included one of the earlier renders a steroscopic render because i thought it also fit the look of the image pretty well)