Nature scenes

The goal of this project was to make two different realistic nature scenes to practise realism and scenery altough in the end I made three because one didn't turn out as i wanted to.

- animation by Sietse Nefs | blender


I started by making a still render of the grass field using real photo's of grass and scattering them onto 3D models thousands of times this worked out really well and managed to get a pretty realistic grass field where i flew a camera trough. Looking back the motion of the camera didn't turn out as good as i quite expected. The ocean is made from a single object with added ocean like waves and colors.


I was pretty happy with the grass scene in contrast to the first ocean scene wich I remade with all the things i learned to do and not do. In the end I learned alot from the first ocean scene and am glad it didn't turn out as i expected.