Macropad series

I love building my own electronics but building my own keyboard always seemed an impossible thing to build myself. So i figured i would start small and work my way up, litterally. from a 1 key keyboard to a full keyboard I have since build alot of them and each are totally made myself, from 3D printing to soldering and coding.

- render by Sietse Nefs | blender

Starting small

Because making a full keyboard seemed like an impossible task i started small, really small a 1 key keyboard. After alot of measering I 3D modeled my own case and build the keyboard after some trial, error and some coding the first 1 key was made. Then some others soon followed.


After making the first one I discovered it was even more fun then expected so I went on and build more and bigger keypad each with its own challenges and microcontrollers. After 3 different sized macropads i finnaly made my own 3D printed keyboard that i now use to write this!