Loopy lights

I was daydreaming about thought and emotions and wondered how a brain would look with all the thoughts going trough your brain. That thought inspired me to make a creative visualisation of thoughts and emotions going through my brain.

- Animation by Sietse Nefs | ꝏ looping


I wanted to make it a creative interpretation so i could show more of the nature of the feeling. I thought of a few ways i could show this by either the motion of the thought going through or the color of the thoughts and envoirement. Eventually i choose to do it in colors because I think colors represent emotions very specificly and you can combine multiple emotions / colors better.


In total i made 3 different videos each one representing another emotion the first one Love (pink) the next one anger (red tones) and the third remorse (blue and purple). I enjoyed doing this project and I am happy how it turned out. It became a good representation of how I see emotions in my mind.