Little scrap robot

"a small little robot programmed by its now deceased maker to help him with everything, from waking him up to making breakfast. But long after his death he still happely tries his hardest to help him."

- animation by Sietse Nefs | 20 seconds


The concept of the little scrap robot started out as a few early sketches of a super happy little creature in a empty world. And it evolved into a story of a helpfull happy robot after imagining what creatures would happily still be around in many years after all the humans have gone exctinct.


After having the storyline and sketches it was time to start modeling. The hardest part was getting the envoirment to look good, you can see in the early render it looks really flat and unlit. After sketching more of the envoirment i knew better what i should make and it went way better. I wanted to give the scene a bit of a realistic but still characteristic look.