Gooing down

I got to making this project because I wanted to replicate a stopmotion video with 3D software. And one of my favorite stopmation materials to look at is clay so I tried to make a 3D animation to look like it was made from colored clay.

- Animation by Sietse Nefs | blender

Clay tests

I started out testing some clay materials with a really simple animation of a ball of clay falling and bouncing into itself. This was done so i could better understand how to make it look as good as possible without immediately starting to work on the end result. The render turned out pretty good and i could get started with the actual simulation.

Water simulation

To get a more organic look on the movement on the clay i choose to simulate a low viscosity liquid and then texture it as clay. This turned out better then doing it by hand but if i ever revisit this project I would like to make the simulation a bit less rough then it is right now.