3D wallpaper series

I got inspired to make this project after finding out a feature in the 3D software blender where you can automaticly change the place, rotation and color of objects based on other variables like the time of the timeline. This made me wonder if you could make hundreds of variations of simple wallpaper each different from the other so everyone can find their favorite colors.

- image series by Sietse Nefs | blender


Because I already knew what i wanted to make i went directly to modeling the scene so i could try to make hundreds of wallpapers. I wanted a cartoony 2D look to give it the impression that each one was made by hand in a 2D vector based program.


This project was a very unique and educational because i learned alot of features in blender and more importantly I learned how i can use those feature to transfer the image in my thought to the screen and make something tottaly unique.